Sensationail Gel Nail Kit Review and Demo

I've owned and loved this kit since before Christmas now but just haven't gotten round to doing a review yet, but I am finally doing it! I got my kit as part of the offers that Boots do before Christmas so it was around £50 instead of £100, which is just an amazing deal!
It comes with the LED lamp, a cleanser, some lint free wipes, the gel primer, the base and top coat and two colours, which is meant to last for up to 20 manicures. Now unfortunately I don't think this kit is available anymore (or I just can't find it), but you can get the starter kit with one colour that will last you for 10 manicures for £69.99 here.
For my manicure today I used the shade Taupe, which came as part of my kit. It's a beautiful taupy nude and I think that it looks really sophisticated and done up!
Now you may be put off by the price of this kit but bear with me! If you spend £70 on the kit and you get 10 applications out of the kit, that's only £7 per manicure, and each manicure lasts up to two weeks (more like one week on me, but more on that later). After the initial investment you can also buy an Essentials Kit for £25, which has all the basic things in it, so over time it really is worth it!
Obviously a gel manicure takes a while longer to do than a regular manicure because you have to clean your nails, apply the primer, apply several coats of the base coat and the colour and cure it all in between, but I find that it takes me about 20 minutes to do in total and then it lasts for at least a week. With regular nail polish, it would take me about ten minutes to do the manicure, then I have to wait an hour until I can do anything with my hands because I don't want to smudge my nail polish and then it chips within two days- so overall, you save time really!
One of the great things about gel nail polish is that you cure it as you go, so once you're done it's completely dry and rock hard. The first time I did a manicure like this I did the dishes straight after and it was perfectly fine! I love not having to worry about my nails and how they might break or chip.
One thing that many people are worried about is whether gel manicures are bad for your nails, and unfortunately they are. The removal process isn't great for your nails (you have to soak them in nail polish remover and the gel really grabs onto your nails so taking it off doesn't leave them in the best condition!) but I find that as long as you don't do gel manicures all the time, it's completely fine. I tend to do them when I have a busy week or I'm going on holiday and I just don't want to have to worry about painting my nails or being careful with them so they don't chip for an event. They're also great for special events like weddings, birthdays, etc. because they're beautiful and shiny and it looks like you got them done in a salon! I also find that the thick layer of nail polish strengthens my nails so I've never had a nail break when I had gels!
Overall, I think that this at home gel manicure set is definitely worth the money. Gel nails aren't good for your nails and they're a pain to remove but they look amazing for special events of a holiday and as long as you don't get them all the time, your nails won't suffer too much. I definitely recommend doing these at home because it works out so much cheaper than going to a salon and it always makes me feel a million times more fancy when I have nice nails that look like I spent a lot of money on getting them done even when I didn't!
If you're interested in the process of the at home gel manicure, I put together a little demo video that takes you through all the steps!

Have you ever had gel nails? Did you do them at home or did you get them done in a salon?

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