What's in my beach bag

Exams are over and it's sunny every day so I've been spending a lot of time on the beach! I'm lucky enough to live in a seaside town so I can go to the beach every day if I want to (although it's quite rocky but let's just ignore that for now), so I wanted to share what I carry with me when I go to the beach!
I like to take a tote bag of some sort to the beach because my normal leather bag get's really hot and just isn't really appropriate beach wear. I got this one in a German shop a few years ago but I found a similar one here. It's a really good bag, fits in everything I need and I think it's quite a funny statement!
Obviously the most important thing to take is suncream because I don't want to burn... I use SPF 50+ on my face but for my body I tend to use factor 30 when I'm not on holiday, and I like this one by Nivea because it's a really convenient spray.
I also pack the boring essentials like my purse, my phone and my headphones for the bus journey. My camera has also been going everywhere with me in case there's an opportunity for a good photo! I recently purchased the Canon Powershot SX170IS, which is a cheap but really good lightweight camera and I love always being able to have a camera with me!
I've managed to lose most of my nice sunglasses recently so I've been wearing these really cheap wayfarer style ones. I bought mine in a shop in Germany but you can get them pretty much anywhere... Last but not least I have a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the day and my Fisherman's Friends because I love them and take them everywhere!

What are your beach bag essentials?

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