Beautyblender Review

This little pink egg is probably one of the most hyped up products in the blogosphere- lots of beauty bloggers and YouTube 'gurus' swear by this but for the longest time I thought that it couldn't be that great because let's face it, it's just a sponge! Oh how wrong I was. I received this in a Birchbox and probably wouldn't pay full price for it but it gives my foundation the most beautiful finish!
You probably know how to use this because everyone has talked about it, but just in case you don't: you wet this little miracle sponge, it expands and almost doubles in size (am I the only one who giggles when reading that?) and then you just stipple your foundation on with it. I like to dot the foundation on my face and then blend it by bouncing the beauty blender around, but you could also apply the foundation directly to the sponge.
It does take a little longer than using a buffing brush and the whole having to go to the bathroom, wet it, and coming back to do your makeup thing is quite annoying, so I don't use this on an everyday basis but when I do, I am left with the most flawless airbrushed finish. The beauty blender makes my skin look healthy and dewy and not at all caky! I absolutely love this product and I recommend you try it out if you can find it on offer or in a beauty box!

Have you ever tried the beauty blender?

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