How I get beach babe hair

Everyone loves that tousled 'beach babe' hair in the summer so today I'm sharing with you my favourite product for achieving that look! I have quite naturally wavy hair and I am lucky enough to live by the sea, which actually makes a massive difference to my hair, believe it or not! I can see a visible difference in my curls when I'm in Brighton to when I'm at home in Germany, even when I don't go anywhere near the beach...
Anyway, I still need some help to get that "I just came out of the sea in a Victora's Secret model fashion" look, and this salt spray is my secret weapon. I wrote about my favourite got2b products here, and mentioned that the Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturising Salt Spray (what is it with brands and ridiculously long names??) is my favourite of the bunch. I liberally spray it in my damp hair and then let it air dry while scrunching it every once in a while and then I spray it into my dry hair every once in a while just to refresh it. If you need a bit more help in the curl department I'd suggest twisting sections of your hair while it dries, which gives you some lovely texture. Of course you could also use a diffuser but I'm staying away from heat as much as possible because it's evil and I'm trying to grow my hair!
Another thing I do is that I don't brush my hair very much. I brush it once in the morning (and sometimes in the evening) but for the rest of the day I just leave it be and cover it in salt spray. Wind? Perfect! Make my hair messier! When someone is taking a picture and all the girls smooth out their hair, I'm that girl who just shakes it upside down. I love me some messy volume! Also, if your hair is on the thinner side (or you just love lots of volume like me), I totally recommend the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray- it's one of my holy grail products and I've had my bottle for months now and even with daily use I haven't used it up yet!

What are your favourite ways of achieving tousled beach babe locks?

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