I went to Disneyland!

If you follow me on any of my social media, you will know that last Thursday I went to Disneyland Paris! I went last year just before exams and this year my friends and I decided to go again- it may become a yearly tradition! The weather was absolutely glorious with sunshine and over 30 degrees and I had the best day! We got there at 10am when the park opened and left around midnight- 14 hours of Disney goodness! We spent a lot of time queueing (especially since two rides broke while we were in the queue- we waited an hour and a half for Indiana Jones!) but it was definitely worth it! After we did all the fun rollercoaster rides we also went on the rides aimed at smaller children, like Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Snow White, which were equally as fun (there's a photo of me on the Teacups below, which adequately shows my levels of excitement)! We also stayed for the fireworks this time, which were potentially one of the happiest moments of my life, I nearly cried! The only thing they were missing was a Frozen song, that would have definitely sent me over the edge. I had an absolutely amazing day so here's some photos and a video I made!

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