Living life in more Docs- Dr Martens Wishlist

I don't think it's necessary to explain just how much I love boots, especially Dr Martens- I mean it's literally in my blog name. And just when you thought that I couldn't possibly need any more boots (check out my boots collection video here and you'll see what I mean), I came up with a list of new boots that I absolutely NEED in my life. Yes, need. You can never have too many boots. So I went a bit crazy on the Dr Martens website and came up with these six beauties that I will hopefully be adding to my collection at some point in the future (mum, if you're reading this, don't worry I didn't actually buy any of them...yet). So here we go:

Clemency Boot
This one is a pretty classic Dr Martens boot but I like the slight heel and the worn look. The colour is described as black but to me it looks more like a worn vintage brown, which would look awesome with the all black outfits that I tend to wear.

1461 Shoe
I'm starting to get more into shoes, even though I do still think that ankle boots are the most flattering for my legs, so this boot-shoe hybrid seems like the perfect way to ease myself into wearing normal shoes! It's also a good option for the summer when I want to wear boots but it's really hot.

Sadie Boot
Chunky heeled boot goodness! You guys know I love my chunky heels and I can imagine that these would be super comfortable and great for when you want that extra height but don't want to sacrifice the comfort!

Alodie Boot
I love these ones because they've got the biker vibe, which I just love. Again, they've got the slight heel and I think that they'd actually be quite good shoes for actually riding a motorbike!

Emilyann Boot
These boots were just love at first sight! I've been seeing lots of people in strappy heels recently (especially ones from Zara but I don't think they have them anymore) but wouldn't personally wear them because I just don't like wearing painful heels! These ones look like they would be really comfortable and the height of the heel is great and they just look amazing in my opinion! Dressed up yet still edgy.

Candice Boot
I've been eyeing these boots up for a while because they're just so damn pretty! I can't decide if I prefer these or the Emilyann, I just love them both! I really want some slightly more dressed up but still edgy heels that are comfortable and that I can wear all day for things like blogger events when you want to be a bit more dressed up and I feel like these may be the ones... We shall see!

That's it for my Dr Martens wishlist- which ones are your favourite?

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