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I've never had the longest lashes so when I got this Magnifibres fibre mascara in my Latest in Beauty Glamour box, I was really intrigued and excited to try it out! It's basically just fibres that are meant to make your lashes up to 5mm longer... sounds crazy, I know. It's quite easy to use, you apply one coat of mascara and while that's still wet you apply the fibres. They suggest only applying them to the tips of your lashes for length, or apply them all over for more volume. After applying the fibres you just apply another coat of mascara and tadaa- you're done.
It sounds like quite a hassle but it's actually quite a quick process so it's something that I would do on an everyday basis. I don't think the final result is that impressive, my lashes don't look super long, but it does give my lashes a bit more oomph and it looks really natural!
The first time I used this I used the Clinique High Impact mascara and then got caught in the rain so the mascara was running down my face and I got some fibres in my eyes, which was rather painful, so I would definitely suggest using this with a waterproof mascara- just in case!
In terms of removal it wasn't bad at all, since you just use it with your normal mascara. A little cleansing oil and it all came off easily, which is always a plus for me because I hate scrubbing at my eyes for ages! Below are some pictures of the final result, with a very close up picture of my eyes!

Have you ever tried a fibre mascara? What did you think?

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