My first time fake tanning and Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse Review

Fake tan is a funny thing. Before I became a beauty blogger, I associated fake tan with orange, patchy skin- like I have realised most men do. The thing about a good fake tan is that people don't realise it's fake! All this time I thought that those girls with beautifully tanned skin just went to the beach a lot, only to then find out that fake tan can look natural and their tan came out of a bottle all along! Mind: blown.
Anyway, I digress. With summer comes the fake tanning craze here in the blogosphere so I got curious and decided to try it out for myself. I did my research (Vivianna does Makeup and Lauren Curtis are the ones to go to for this) and when I felt prepared(ish) I finally gave fake tanning a go. My weapon of choice was the Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse in Medium Bronze* with the Sunkissed application mitt*, as one of the main things fake tan users tell you is to use a mitt!
Admittedly, the first application didn't go so well. I applied the mousse and it was all quite simple and easy (apart from doing my back- how do girls without fake tanning slaves boyfriends do this??) and then I sat down to write some blog posts while waiting for my tan to develop. Unfortunately my room gets super hot in the summer so I was sweating and fake tan started to settle in lines and I panicked and washed it off after an hour. That didn't go so well. But I wasn't giving up that easily! The next time I waited until it was nighttime and it had cooled down to apply my fake tan and left it on overnight- much better. I woke up the next morning looking rather dark, which was a bit of a shock, but then I showered and the guide colour came off and I was left with a lovely golden glow. It looked really natural and so far no one has realised that it isn't a real tan, which I'm pretty impressed with!
So after you've heard the story of my fake tanning adventures, let's actually get into this review! The Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse is (as the name suggests) a self-tanning mousse, which I've heard are the easiest to apply, although some people dislike them because they are drying on the skin. I don't have very dry skin so this didn't put me off and I haven't had any problems with the tan drying out my skin at all (it does also say it has a 'moisture boost' so that may be why!). It contains no parabens and alcohol and here's the best part- it smells of coconut! One of the things I heard a lot during my research was that all fake tan smells of biscuits and it's horrible, etc. Well this one doesn't smell of biscuits and I actually really enjoyed the scent! During the night I got a whiff of it every once in a while and it was really lovely and coconutty, it was a bit like I had a scented candle burning, but I was the scented candle! (That analogy doesn't really work very well but let's roll with it).
So what are the results like? You don't go super dark, which I like because I want people to think that this is a natural tan, but if you do like to go darker, there is a dark version of this tan too. It's not patchy at all and so far it's been wearing off really nicely as well and I've had it on for three days. I don't actually think the colour has worn off too much and you could probably get away with just doing this once a week. 
One of the main things that had been putting me off trying fake tan is the amount of effort that goes into maintaining it but it's not actually too bad! You shower and scrub, put it on, which takes about 15 minutes, go to sleep, wake up, shower again and tadaa- you're beautifully tanned. Not much effort if you ask me!
Oh and for the financial part of the fake tanning which I imagine can very easily get very expensive- the Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse is only £5 for a massive 200ml bottle and you can get it at Superdrug!

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