The Mattifiers

I have extremely oily skin and especially during the summer when it's hot and humid I find it really hard to keep my face from turning into an oil slick. I've finally found three products now that keep my face matte(ish) all day, even in this 'heat wave' we've been having in England!
First off I use the S├ębium Mat moisturiser by Bioderma in the mornings, which I picked up on my recent trip to Paris. It's moisturising yet mattifies my skin without feeling drying at all. Next I apply my sunscreen, which is a must in the summer! I use the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine sunscreen in SPF 50+. It provides UVA and UVB protection and doesn't feel heavy on my skin, although it does tend to leave a little bit of a white cast, but nothing I can't live with! I like to let this sink in for five minutes while I do my hair or get dressed and then I just apply my foundation on top of it!
Lastly I just had to mention my new holy grail product- the MAC blot powder. Ever since Miss Budget Beauty mentioned this and said it was amazing for oil control I've wanted it and I finally picked it up on my IMATS trip a few weeks ago. It's really finely milled, doesn't make me look cakey and it controls oil like no other! I have the shade medium/dark for some strange reason (it's neither medium nor dark, it's rather light actually!) so the shade range clearly isn't great, but it doesn't add much coverage at all so I don't think the shade you get matters too much. It also has a little mirror and a powder puff in the compact so it's perfect for on the go touch ups!

I hope this post was helpful, do you have any mattifying products you swear by?

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