Things I want when I'm a grown-up- a luxury wishlist

I'm sure we've all been there- you walk along an expensive shopping street past shops like Chanel and say things like "When I'm older and successful I will buy this and I will wear these shoes and this handbag" (please tell me I'm not alone here!). So today I thought I'd do a little post on the things that I plan on buying when I'm a successful(ish) PR/Marketing/whatever I'm gonna do- person. 

The shoes
Since I first saw them, I've wanted a pair of Louboutins. They are the most beautiful, classic and luxurious shoes and they just add a little something to an outfit. Everyone knows that they're Louboutins without them having a massive logo on them- you just turn around, people see the red sole and they instantly know you're fancy. Or something like that.

The bag
Now this is a bag that I actually plan on purchasing in the near future- I love my cheaper bags but I think that for things like interviews it would be nice to have something a little more fancy. I absolutely love Michael Kors bags and think that they're amazing and quite affordable for designer bags and I really love this tote style because I could fit a lot in it!

The other bag
Let's face it, a girl needs more than one bag! My ultimate luxury dream bag is the Chanel Boy- I do like the classic flap style but the Boy feels more 'me' as it's a little more edgy. Now I only need a really well-paid job and/or a rich husband...

The dress
I used to walk past Anne Fontaine with my mum when I was younger and always admired their beautiful blouses and told myself that one day I would own one! When I was browsing their website for this post I found this stunning dress/blouse that is just so me in ten years time and I love it and I need to own it!

The coat
The Burberry trenchcoat is such a classic and let's face it, I can't wear leather jackets forever! I used to be a massive fan of trenchcoats back in my preppy phase and I think when I'm a little older and have to look less shabby chic and more respectable, this would be the perfect coat for me. In black, of course.

The accessory
I love everything Alexander McQueen and his skull scarves are just such a classic McQueen piece! You can wear it as an actual scarf or tie it around your bag or do whatever you want with it, it's just so awesome! Again, it's designer yet edgy and it's definitely on my wish list, although I would buy it at an outlet because £165 for a scarf is pretty steep, as amazing as it may be!

What are your dream luxury purchases?

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