What's on my nails #8- The one with the professional

Last week I was kindly invited to an event by So...? for the launch of their Christmas gift sets, and at the event the amazing Cherrie Snow did my nails. I only ever had a professional manicure once and loved it, so getting my nails done was a great experience. It may seem silly but there's just something so glamorous about having perfectly manicured nails and I wish I could do it on a regular basis!
I got my nails painted in red (we used OPI 'Big Apple Red') and then she did some lovely nail art on my ring finger. It's such a simple design but I absolutely love it because it's just so cute! I also love the way she shaped my nails, which is something I'm terrible at- they look so much better now! Overall it just inspired me to take better care of my nails, buy a cuticle oil and take more time to paint them because having perfectly manicured nails makes such a difference to how I feel.

Have you ever gotten your nails done professionally?

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