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Rebecca from Autumn Leaves made up this tag and I thought it was awesome because as a beauty blogger you have so many product and so many favourites that it's interesting to see what people would pick if they could one pick one! So here are my picks...

Low end brand
I would go with Revlon for this because I like their foundations as well as their lip products and nail polishes- they just do most things really well! I haven't tried their eyeshadows yet but I got my mum a little quad which seemed great.

High end brand
This is really difficult because I don't own much high end makeup, so I would probably go with MAC, simply because they have such a massive selection of products and shades! 

Rimmel Stay Matte primer all the way- this helps smooth over my pores etc. and keeps my face looking less shiny throughout the day. And it's super affordable!

Foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturiser
L'Oreal True Match all the way! I love the large variety of shades (even though they're extremely confusing), the finish, the lasting power,... This foundation is definitely my favourite and it makes my skin look so lovely even on days when I look in the mirror and thing "oh god, how do I fix this??".

It's no secret that I love the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. A little goes a long way, the coverage it great and it blends really nicely with a matte finish. Now they only need to sort out the pump on this...

I love my Sleek Contour Kit, mainly for the bronzer, because it's the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, it's matte, and it can be used for both contouring and just generally bronzing up the face. Plus the packaging is really cute and NARS-esque.

My all time favourite blush is Dallas by Benefit, which may seem like a strange pick to some people, but I absolutely love it. I'm not one for the whole rosy cheeks look, I don't think it suits me very much, and this gives more of a natural look for my colouring.

This has actually changed since I took this picture (oops), because I finally purchased the MAC blot powder. That stuff keeps me matte, it's crazy! It doesn't make me look cakey but it controls oil like nothing else I've tried! Although the shades are very strange, I'm a Medium/Dark so I wonder what people with actual dark skin are meant to do...

Setting Spray
I don't use a setting spray very often but when I do, it's the Urban Decay DeSlick, because as you all know I'm all about the oil control! I don't think that this massively helps but I like to use it anyway when I need to make my makeup last that little bit longer.

Eyebrow Product
I'm not too fussy with my eyebrow products but at the moment I love the Revlon Brow Fantasy, mainly because the tinted gel is great and gives my ashy brows a warmer tint, which makes them look better with my hair!

As much as I love my Inglot palette, the Urban Decay Naked 2 is still the winner on this one. I love every single colour in there and you can just achieve so many looks with it! The quality of the shadows is amazing as well and they're the only eyeshadows which have not creased on me, which is just a miracle.

Another one that has changed since taking this picture (I'm blaming IMATS). I used the Maybelline Gel Liner for over a year and I still love it, but I've recently started using the Inglot AMC gel liner and I'm in love with it. Not just because AMC are my initials, but also because it's so incredibly creamy and goes on so smoothly but then it sets and does not budge. 17 hours in 30 degree heat in Disneyland and it was still perfectly intact. There were tears and rollercoasters and it didn't go anywhere. I should probably write a separate post about it!

Benefit's They're Real mascara is a cult product and I love it, it gives amazing volume and length without sticking my lashes together, which is the main problem I have with mascaras. It is quite pricy, I bought it once at duty free and have been living off samples that I got in beauty boxes etc since that ran out!

Lipstick/Lipgloss/Lip balm
I'm going to go with a lip balm here, because I have the driest lips known to mankind and I cannot survive without one. I have tried about a million and one lip balms but nothing comes close to the Nuxe Reve de Miel. I bought a jar months ago and I'm not even half way through but I picked up a new one at City Pharma in Paris just in case! I also converted my friends Emma (Cheekysmiles101) and Lauren to it!

Nail polish
As much as I love Essie, the nail polish that works best for me is the Maybelline Forever Strong formula. It's the most long lasting nail polish I've ever used, the colours are gorgeous and the brush is lovely and wide and makes painting your nails so easy!

Beauty tool
This one is easy- I simply cannot live without my eyelash curlers. I have the Tweezerman ones, which I love, although I would love to try the Shu Uemura ones at some point.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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