Get Ready With Me- Video

The other day I filmed myself getting ready for filming to show you my current favourite products in action! I didn't actually end up filming my July Favourites because my camera ran out of battery (oops) but I will film that soon so this is almost a little preview of what's to come! It ended up being quite a bold eye look with orange eyeshadow and bold winged liner, so I paired it with my favourite nude lipstick, which I will be doing a separate post about soon!
I'm really sorry about the lighting in this video, it went absolutely crazy! It's the last video I'm filming in this room though (I'm typing this as I pack up the last of my stuff to leave this afternoon!) so hopefully from now on my videos will get better- I can't wait to organise a proper set up in my new room!
I hope you enjoy this video and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on my YouTube channel!

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