H&M Home Wish List

As promised in yesterday's post, today I'm sharing with you some bits and bobs that I'm planning on picking up from H&M Home for my new room! I love H&M Home because their style is great and they have lots of simple items as well as some statement pieces, and the quality is great, especially considering the prices! 
As I said yesterday, I love having different textures and shades of grey on my bed, so I want to get some cushion covers, as my current cushions are all sorts of colours. I love the satin cushion cover because of it's texture and I think it looks much more expensive than it is (only £8!), and I'm also going to pick up one or two of the velvet cushion covers, as a simple more neutral option. I also really like the look of the linen cushion cover with the lace trim, but I will have to have a look at that in the store to see if I really like it! 
I've been really getting into buying fresh flowers because they just make the room look so much nicer, so I definitely want to get a nice vase and this glass vase looks great, I love the grey/silver metallic look of it and it seems like a good size.
Last but not least, I haven't had curtains in my room for a year now (I had skylights with blinds) so I'm getting quite excited about this! I don't know what kinds of curtains will be in my room but I'm almost certain that I will want to replace them, as student houses normally just aren't nice. I'm torn between the skyline print and the side of the building print... What do you think?

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