Looking for Alaska

I really seem to be on it with the book reviews right now. I don't normally read much anymore but as I'm on holiday I've had much more time to do it. 
I started reading Looking for Alaska about three years ago but never finished it because I left it at a friend's house and to be honest I was really quite upset and angered by it so I didn't particularly want to finish it. 
Now I finally got around to reading it again and although it still angered me a little bit (if you read it, you'll know why and if you don't then what are you waiting for), the ending totally made up for it. I normally hate the endings of books because the world of the book becomes my world and I'm upset when it ends, especially because it rarely ends like I want it to (Divergent is a prime example of this), but Looking for Alaska ends in a way that is completely satisfying and made me happy in a weird way. The whole book really makes you think even when you finished reading it, which I think is the sign of a good book. 
I absolutely love Looking for Alaska and it has just earned its spot as my second favourite John Green book (with An Abundance of Katherine's being number one) and I thoroughly recommend you read it!

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