Music- Or So She Said

Image Credit: Lux Obscuro Productions

I know this is technically a beauty blog but I like to branch out into other areas of life somehow to make things a bit more interesting and today I want to talk about music! I absolutely love music (who doesn't) and I happen to have quite a few very talented friends who are in bands. Now last week my friend James and his duet partner Chloe, also known as 'Or So She Said' (which can be a confusing name when you bring it up in conversation but it grows on you!) brought out their first EP! 
The first time I saw them perform was at an open mic night and I remember turning to my friend saying "I can't sing like that" and his reply was "Not many people can", which I think perfectly sums up Chloe's voice- it's just absolutely incredible.
I've been listening to their EP on repeat since it came out and my favourite song is definitely "No One". Their music is just fun, easy to listen to and I really recommend it! Not just because I know them but because they're genuinely awesome obviously. You can find their EP on iTunes and Spotify (it's called Free From This) and make sure to check out their facebook page so you get informed about any gigs they're playing because you should definitely try to see them live if you can- Chloe is one hell of a performer!

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