One Mascara To Rule Them All

I've been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for a long time. I want my mascara to be lengthening, separating and hold a curl because I have very straight lashes, and a few weeks ago I stumbled across this gem in the Boots clearance where I picked it up for only £1.90 and it was love from the first application- let me introduce you to the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof mascara.
This mascara really is all I was looking for. It lengthens, it doesn't clump my lashes together (a massive pet peeve of mine) and it holds my curl all day! The picture above is after about six hours of wear, which is just incredible for me! It is a waterproof formula so it's a little harder to get off, but nothing a good cleansing oil can't manage! And it really is waterproof, which I tested in the shower (for research purposes of course, not because I forgot to take it off)- the curl drops a little but the mascara doesn't smudge or anything, so it's perfect for summer!
So if you like long, curled and separated lashes then I definitely recommend picking up this mascara- you won't regret it!

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