Sorry I've been away... A life update

You may have noticed that I've been quite absent recently, not only from the blog but also from my social media, so I thought I owed you guys an explanation.
Last week I had to move out of my student house in Brighton as I'm not staying there next year and my tenancy was up. Unfortunately I have no overlap between my old and my new tenancy so everything had to go into storage for a month. The whole packing process was really stressful, especially as I didn't have a car to get my things to storage, and I ended up completely underestimating the work I had left to do, didn't finish packing, almost missed my coach and therefore my flight, which led to me having an anxiety attack on the way to the airport. It was not fun.
I am now at home and on Wednesday I had a little operation to get all my wisdom teeth removed, so since then I've been quite exhausted and I look like a chipmunk/fat Monica Geller, which is why I haven't been able to film any videos (let me know if you still want to see my late July favourites or if you want me to just merge it with my August favourites!). I've just been really quite exhausted and still anxious about the state of my house so I haven't felt like writing blog posts. However now I'm feeling much better and I'm planning on going back to posting every day! Just a little heads up though: I'm going on holiday with my family to Canada next week for almost three weeks, during which I won't have much access to internet. I will try to schedule regular posts for that time (hopefully daily!) but I won't be very active on social media due to the lack of internet.
Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy the new content I have prepared for Living Life in Docs!

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