The Ultimate Fancy Dress Guide for University

I've always loved to dress up and I think that after two years of university I'm somewhat of a fancy dress expert. If you're getting ready to go to university this September and you're wondering what you will need fancy dress wise then don't worry, I've got you covered! I've gone through my photos from the past two years and come up with a list of common themes and the best way to handle them, with a few easy costume ideas. You will also get to see some fantastically hilarious photos of me, so here we go.

The Toga Party

This is an easy one- all you need is a white dress (or bedsheet if you're brave) and then you can just style your hair in a Greek goddess fashion and you're done. In this case I went for a half up half down look with curls and a gold hairband and my friend Lauren went for curls and some braids- sorted!

The animal social

Again, a very easy one! You can just draw a cat face on your face and be done with it, or you can become a bit more creative and go for more of a full on face makeup like I did. In any case, some sort of animal print top and/or animal ears will be a good investment for your time at university!

The Halloween costume

This is one of my favourites and one I like to plan in advance and get quite committed to, but again it's quite simple. All you need is some sort of fancy dress outfit that you don't mind ripping and getting blood on. I wouldn't recommend buying an actual Halloween costume because they are often massively overpriced and you can achieve the same or even a better effect by ripping up a costume yourself and splattering some fake blood on it. Last year I went for the zombie bride costume and to the right you can see my zombie groom (ripped up a cheap shirt and threw some fake blood on it, sorted) and to the left my friend Lauren simply wore a cheerleader outfit with a bullet wood- simples!

Where's Wally

I can almost guarantee you that at some point during your time at university there will be a Where's Wally social, so get yourself a simple red and white striped top and next time you go see a 3D film keep the glasses and you're sorted! You can also reuse the t-shirt for themes like Gnomes and even a French theme.

The Disney social

My favourite kind! There are so many characters you can go as and you can put varying levels of effort into this. For an easy costume, get yourself a blue dress and a bow for your hair and go as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, like my friend Megan here, or get yourself some Minnie ears and a cute dress. I personally wanted to do something a little more unusual so I went as the mad hatter. I just wore a blouse, some high waisted shorts and a waistcoat for this and made my hat myself, so I didn't even spend any money on this costume!

The Wild West/ Cowboys and Indians social

Another social that you will most likely encounter at one point or another during your time at university, so make sure you've got some denim shorts and a checked shirts, and maybe even a cowboy hat, so you're prepared! I also had these awesome boots that I got from my mum, which were just too good not to wear!

The movie character

Probably one of the easiest themes because you can go for anything really! You can just wear a colourful bra and cut some holes in a white shirt and go as Regina George, like Lauren did here, or you can go all out like Emily who painted herself yellow and went as a minion! There are lots of options (a quick google will give you plenty), and most can be achieved with items you already own. You can often also re-use costumes, for example I have a Queen Amidala costume that I wore for my birthday ('Things beginning with A'), which I tend to wear for film socials now!

Get creative!

There will be so many fancy dress events during your time at uni that sometimes you just need to get creative and work with what you have, because no one can afford to buy costume after costume! The photo above is from my birthday party where the theme was 'Things beginning with A', and in the picture you can see (from left to right) an anaconda, Australian, Adam, Queen Amidala, Fallen Angel and random guy in a suit (I can't remember what he came as...). Often google will give you lots of awesome suggestions for costumes that you can just put together with things that you already own or can borrow from friends.

I hope you've enjoyed this post I've given you some ideas for fancy dress, or at least some photos to laugh at!

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