Moving house- packing tips

I currently live in a student house, and unfortunately my tenancy is up soon and I have to move out. The tenancies for my current and new house don't overlap so everything has to go into storage, which is a bit of a pain, but I thought it would be good to share some things with you that I've learned from having to pack up my room completely several times!

Start with a tidy room
As tempting as it is to just start packing when your room is a mess, it's so much easier to pack up a tidy and organised room. I'm quite a messy person and last year I tried to pack up a messy room and let me tell you, it's a nightmare. You end up forgetting things and finding random items that should have gone into other boxes, so make sure you tidy before you start packing.

Do I really need it?
With every item you pack, ask yourself if you really need it. I find that I accumulate a lot of stuff over a year of living somewhere and there's no better time to throw it out than while packing, because it will save you so much space! Streamline your wardrobe, your makeup collection, etc. and go through paperwork and other things that may have accumulated over the years.

Vacuum bags are your best friend
I honestly don't know what I would do without vacuum bags. I have a lot of clothes so I would need quite a few bags to pack them up and vacuum bags are such an amazing space saver! I would recommend you spend a little more on these, as I got some really cheap ones last year and they just broke very quickly and the air got back in, which made them pretty much useless! These are also great for bulky things like duvets and can just save so much space in the car/your storage unit!

Give yourself enough time
This was my downfall this time- I completely underestimated the amount of work I had left to do which ended up with me leaving half of my stuff behind and having an anxiety attack on the bus to the airport- no fun! Make sure you finish packing at least two days before you have to move out to save yourself a lot of trouble and worrying! There's always more to do than you think.

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