The Fairytale Tag

I think I was tagged in this by Jordan absolutely ages ago and it's been sitting in my drafts forever, but I'm finally getting around to posting this. I didn't really grow up with Disney so I didn't know quite a few of these films, which is quite shameful really, but it was fun to do anyway!

Snow White- Do you consider yourself beautiful?
At the risk of sounding full of myself, yes I do. Of course I have days when I look in the mirror and feel disgusting, but I've learned to accept and love the way I look. I'm stuck in this body so I may as well learn to love it, right?

Sleeping Beauty- How many hours do you sleep at night?
I'm a fantastic sleeper, I can sleep for 15 hours if you let me! Normally I get around 9 hours of sleep though, which is a lot for most people but just about right for me.

Cinderella- Do you have a curfew?
I do not- thank god. Gone are the days when I was at boarding school and gates closed at 10pm so if you weren't in by then, you were in big trouble. Now I live in a student house with friends and I can come and go as I please.

Rapunzel- Do you love being outside?
It really depends! In the summer I love to go to the beach and lie in the sun, but I very much dislike insects so some outside situations are not my thing.

Red Riding Hood- Do you trust strangers easily?
I'm a very outgoing person and I'll happily chat to strangers and tell them my life story but I do think that there's always a healthy dose of caution involved and I wouldn't just get in the car with a random stranger or invite them back to my house.

Beauty and the Beast- What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
Humour and confidence. If someone can make me laugh and most importantly if they can laugh about themselves then that makes them beautiful in my eyes.

The Little Mermaid- What would you sacrifice for love?
I'm a hopeless romantic so a few years ago I promised myself to never drastically alter my course in life for a guy, which so far has proven to be a very good rule since all my relationships have ended quite badly and I would have been miserable if I had changed my course in life for them. But apart from things like moving to somewhere I don't want to be and drastic decisions, I would do pretty much anything for someone I love.

The Frog Prince- What do you find disgusting?
I absolutely cannot deal with bullies and I think it's a horrible personality trait. Oh and bad eaters. I physically cannot be in a room with someone who makes disgusting loud noises when they eat, it's a massive pet peeve.

Jack and the Beanstalk- What plants do you have?
I have managed to kill a cactus before so I don't own any plants, but I do like to treat myself to some fresh flowers every once in a while.

Puss in Boots- Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?
I don't have any pets unfortunately but I do really want a kitten when I move into my own flat!

Pinocchio- What is your biggest wish?
'Find something you love and do it, find someone you love and hold on to them'. My biggest wish is to find a job I love and find someone I love and want to be with forever. Refer to the comment about being a hopeless romantic above.

Peter Pan- What is your mental age?
I think my mental age is actually somewhere around my real age, yes sometimes I'm incredibly immature and I do enjoy walking around the house singing Frozen songs, but I've had quite a few experiences in life that have required me to mature quite quickly.

The Princess and the Pea- Are you sensitive?
A stranger might think I'm not, but all my friends know that I'm incredibly sensitive, I cry a lot and get very upset about very small things.

The Brave Little Taylor- Do you consider yourself brave?
I don't think I'd consider myself brave. Some people do say I'm brave because I moved to a different country when I was 15 and went travelling through South East Asia by myself when I was 18, but I think those things show independence rather than bravery. I consider someone brave if they stand up for something they believe in even though it could harm them (not necessarily in a physical way).

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