The Halloween Make-Up Kit Essentials

Halloween is just around the corner and I'm not going to lie, it's definitely one of the highlights of my year! I normally plan my costume up to a year in advance and I get really into it. I'm a firm believer in dressing up as something scary or dead for halloween- I think that cute Barbie costumes are meant for carnival, not halloween (unless it's a zombie barbie in which case go ahead and please send me photos!). This year I have two parties to go to, which means double the fun and two costumes for me! I will be uploading a few Halloween tutorials on my YouTube channel but today I thought I'd share some of my Halloween make-up kit essentials with you.

The base
If you're trying to look dead, chances are you want to look paler than you are. I'm personally not a big fan of white face paint because it doesn't look as natural, and I want to look naturally dead (does that make sense? I don't even know). I just go for the lightest colour foundation I own but if you're really pale you can always mix your foundation with a bit of white face paint if you want to look even paler.

The bruise colours
I love faking bruising because it's simple yet effective, and all you need is a few matte eyeshadows. I like to use a dark purple (I have a MAC Paint Pot in the perfect colour but an eyeshadow will work just fine), a yellow and a green. You can obviously invest in a proper bruise wheel like the Ben Nye one, which is dreamy by the way, but I find that eyeshadows work just as well as long as you make sure they're matte, because unless you're Edward Cullen, chances are you don't have sparkly bruises.

The contour
I've found that using your normal contour colour on a pale face just doesn't work as well, because even ashy contour colours tend to be too warm toned. Instead, I like to use a matte grey eyeshadow for contouring because it can give the illusion of sunken in cheek bones without warming up your complexion.

The blood colours
If you're trying to create a realistic looking wound, you want more than one shade. I've found that using a combination of black, a dark red/plum and a true red achieve the best results. You can achieve realistic looking scratches with just a black eyeliner, a dark red lipstick and a red lipliner! The more colours you use the more depth your wound will have and the more realistic it looks.

SFX supplies
If you really want to go all out and create some proper wounds then you're going to need a few special supplies. You can create lots of realistic looking wounds with liquid latex and tissues (there's lots of tutorials for this on YouTube and I will be uploading some soon!). I bought my liquid latex from a fancy dress shop and it actually wasn't expensive at all but it really takes your costume to the next level! There's also lots of other supplies like scar wax, etc. but I have never used them before. I think that lots of things can easily be achieved with just things you have in your collection already but obviously if you want to go all out you can invest in proper SFX make-up and props.

The blood
The most important part of any Halloween costume! I like to make my own blood because it's cheap and edible- I just mix some syrup with red and blue food colouring (the blue makes it look more realistic) and tadaa- you have your own home made blood! You can control the thickness of it by adding water and I like to make a few different batches of different thicknesses, so for example a really thick one for putting into fake wounds and a more liquidy one for blood splatter.

What are you going as this halloween?

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