The Wish List- All Black Everything

I got a job! What does this mean? It means that I need new clothes of course. I have to wear all black to work and since I clearly don't own enough black clothing (cue hysteric laughter from everyone who knows me), I immediately headed over to good old Asos to find myself some black shoes and tops. If you've watched my boots collection (it's here if you haven't), then you may be thinking "Hey Allie, all your shoes are black... what are you on about?" and you are right! However none of my shoes are really work appropriate because they're either too clunky or they have a heel. Now my shoes don't need to be super formal but they do need to look semi professional, plus I need to be able to stand in them all day without wanting to die, so I feel like I need a new pair.
The ones that stood out to be were the Asos All A Dream Monk Ankle Boots (£40) because they're quite simple but they still have the buckle detail which makes them very much my style. I also loved the Asos Royal Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots (on sale for £37.50), which are a little more simple and formal and have a tiny bit of a heel.
While I was looking for shoes I obviously browsed the sale and found this really pretty Vero Moda Long Sleeved T-Shirt (on sale for £12), which would be a great simple, comfortable piece for work and just every day wear. I feel like a big Asos order may have to be made...

Which pair of boots do you prefer?

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