Juicytox 4 Day Juice Cleanse Review

Hi, my name is Allie and I'm a binge eater. For the past few months I've been everything but healthy so when Juicytox asked me if I wanted to try out their four day juice cleanse I jumped on the opportunity. I have tried doing a juice detox before by making my own juices but failed miserably, but Juicytox deliver the juices to your doorstep so I thought why not try again!
Right now you may be asking yourself "Why on earth would you give up solid food for four days to drink JUICE?". Most people I told about this assumed that I was doing it as some sort of fad diet, which I can assure you I wasn't. Yes, you do lose a little weight doing it but you're actually still getting lots of calories from the juices, they're just good calories packed with nutrients and vitamins and all the good stuff that our bodies would like to get more of. I did the cleanse to get me into a healthier lifestyle again, help my body recover from the excessive amounts of chocolate and fatty foods that I have made it consume, and reduce my cravings for bad food.

So how does it work?
With the Juicytox cleanse you get four juices a day, as well as a ginger shot in the morning (which wakes you up better than coffee ever will, and this is coming from a coffee addict) and a cup of organic mint tea to drink about an hour before bed. You also drink at least two litres of lemon water a day (and they supply you with lemons, which I personally thought was adorable). What stood out most to me was the service that comes with the product. Rob contacted me every evening asking how I was getting on and motivated me to keep going. He also hand delivered the juices to my door with a high five, which I desperately needed at that point.

So how did I get on?

Day 1
I'm not going to lie, day 1 was hard. I was super motivated in the morning and had my little ginger shot, which by the way is amazing, and started my day. I was fine up until about 1pm, the juices are delicious and really do fill you up, but I just started craving food. I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat. The fact that my house smelled of pizza definitely did not help, so I was a little cranky. However I stuck to it, even missed my society's meal out (I don't think I would have lasted long in Donatello's) and even went to a party and didn't drink. I was quite proud of myself. At the end of the day I was really tired so I had my mint tea and went to bed quite early.

Day 2
I had fewer cravings than I did on the first day but I felt extremely exhausted and just about got the energy to get up and go to my seminar. I didn't get much work done during the day and I was quite cranky but I didn't get a headache, which I was quite happy about.

Day 3
I was warned that day 3 would be the worst but it actually wasn't- I think my body was getting used to not having solid food so I wasn't as cranky and craving food as much, although I was still extremely tired and found it quite hard to concentrate. However I did see results by this point, I was a lot less bloated and my clothes were fitting better. I only weigh myself about three times a year because I don't think that your weight is an accurate representation of what your body looks like (I don't even own scales for that reason), so I can't tell you if I lost any weight but I was definitely feeling and looking skinnier!

Day 4
I want to say that I spent this day planning healthy meals for the week ahead but what got me through this day was the thought of making a cheese and bratwurst soup the next day... Four days of juice can't completely change me. However I was definitely feeling a lot better and I could even see my abs again, which was quite exciting. I wasn't as tired anymore and I felt extremely accomplished when I went to bed in the evening.

After the cleanse, I was less inclined to eat fatty, processed foods, and my cravings for chocolate had gone away completely! My clothes were also a little looser and my stomach had gotten a lot flatter (hi abs, long time no see!), so I'm very happy with the results. The juices were all really nice, my favourite being the red juice with beetroot in it, and really filled me up. I think that this was definitely more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one, and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're trying to kickstart a healthier lifestyle!
The cleanse costs £59.99 for four days, which is by far the cheapest one I have seen, and the quality of the juices is great!

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?

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