My 2014 Resolutions- How Did I Do?

So today I went back to my first post of 2014 to read my New Years Resolutions and see how I did. In summary: not too well.

1. Be healthier
I think I sort of semi reached this goal. I have times when I'm really healthy and then I have weeks when I just cannot be bothered and have pasta most of the time. I did do a lot more exercise though and pretty much maintained my weight throughout the year, which is quite an achievement for me as I tend to have massive weight fluctuations. I can also safely say that I have gained a lot of muscle *longingly looks at that jacket that no longer accommodates for my large biceps*

2. Be positive
Yeah I definitely failed massively here. 2014 has been a terrible year for me relationship wise so that definitely contributed to me not feeling particularly positive, especially over the last couple of weeks. However I have now (sort of) come to term with all of it so let's try this again in 2015, shall we?

3. Take more risks
Now this is something I definitely managed! This goal was mainly pole related and I can proudly announce that I let go all the time now and I haven't died yet! Although I did fall on my head one, but details... I've also started taking more risks in my life in general, like deciding to apply for an MBA in Canada!

4. Be organised
This is most certainly my biggest fail. I don't know what it is but I just cannot get organised. I think my brain is just hardwired to be messy and no matter what I try everything gets out of control within days. I absolutely hate this, it's not like I do it on purpose and the mess doesn't bother me, so I've decided to try and go in baby steps and continue to pursue this goal in 2015. One thing I have definitely managed is to stop holding on to everything and just throw away things I don't need, so that's definitely a good start!

5. Spend less money on things I don't need
I'm quite happy with the results of this. Yes I still spend a lot of money but a lot less of it is on makeup and clothes that I'll use once and I spend more on useful homeware, meals out with friends, holidays, concerts, and other things that make me happier. So now the goal for 2015 is to save more money!

How did you do with your New Year's resolutions?


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