Apartment Dreaming- The Bedroom

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I know I know, I haven't even moved yet. In fact I haven't even found a place yet but I know pretty much what I want and what's available so of course I have started planning how I'm going to furnish and decorate my first ever apartment. I have several pinterest boards full of ideas so I thought I'd put together a little series of posts explaining my main ideas, and hopefully it will be interesting/inspiring to some of you!

The main thing I want to achieve in my new bedroom is to make it almost exclusively a room for sleeping. At the moment my bedroom is the only room I have so my bed is used as a desk/dining table/sofa, which makes it difficult to then relax and sleep at night. In my new bedroom I want nothing but a bed, my wardrobe (which will most likely be built in- I love Canada!) and my dressing table.
Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I've always loved lofts with exposed brick but since I probably won't find that in Nanaimo any time soon, I really like the idea of this peel off wallpaper I found online. It's renter friendly because you just stick it on and then peel it off again when you move out and it would make a great accent wall behind my bed! For my bed I am definitely getting the Ikea MALM bed because I really like the simple, modern look of it and I like having lots of storage underneath for out of season clothing, etc. My colour scheme is still very monochrome but with a few accents like for example the brick wall, and I love this beautiful white and grey bedding, which I think could be quite a fun DIY project. Also since my bed won't be my dining table anymore, I can actually have white sheets! 

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I would love to get a nice chest of drawers opposite my bed with maybe a few pictures and some flowers on it. I like the idea of having a mirror above it but I'd like to hang a black and white panorama of the Brighton seafront over it instead, to remind me of home.

I will definitely be getting a dressing table to get ready at because I hate putting on my makeup in the bathroom and I will need somewhere to film. I would probably put this in front of the window for lots of natural light and put most of my collection in the drawer and then have my most used items and most prized posessions on top of it in my Muji drawers. I really like the MALM desk for this because it's very simple and understated and I especially like it in combination with this seethrough chair, as it doesn't make the space feel too cramped.
I obviously can't write a home decor post without talking about my new obsession: rugs. Most of the apartments I have found have hardwood floors (again, I love Canada), so rugs are a must to make the place feel more homely. For my bedroom I'd love a big fluffy area rug, preferably in a dark grey, so make the room feel more cozy and prevent my feet from being cold when I get out of bed in the morning.
I hope you enjoyed this post, remember to let me know if you would like to see more posts like this because I can definitely write more of them!

Tips for scrapbooking beginners

Hi, my name is Allie and I'm a scrapbookaholic. 
I've finally gotten around to putting everything from my gap year travels in a book now and then Lily Pebbles came along and talked about her Project Life book and it just put me over the edge. However, I've found that there's so little information out there for people who just want to put together a few memories and not go crazy and document every minute of their life in a super creative manner. So I thought I'd put together some tips for people who want to start scrapbooking but don't really know where to start!

A Pop of Colour

It's a fashion post! I love posting outfits but unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend/photographer slave to take these pictures for me, so I can't do them very often. I went to Jordan's to help her with some outfit photos and she kindly agreed to take some pictures of mine too!

What I Wore- Long Haul Flight

I found this post in my drafts, it's definitely from August but I thought why not share it anyway! You may remember that I went to Canada in the summer, which meant I got to spend 10 hours on a plane... fun!

Spending my Birchbox Points

I'm a massive fan of loyalty points but I always harbour them for ages because I want to find the perfect thing to spend them on. I had £20 to spend on the Birchbox website so I decided to finally buy something because my points were starting to expire.

My DIY Crochet Rug

There is one thing I wasn't prepared for when I started looking at furnishing a flat and that is the price of sofas and rugs. Like seriously, sofas I can kind of understand (although they are extortionate I suppose you do spend quite a lot of time on them and they're investment pieces) but the prices of rugs just blew me away so I thought I'd get my DIY on!

The Tale of the Expert Face Brush

It's no secret that I love Real Techniques brushes and own most of the sets, but one of the brushes that had been missing from my collection was the Expert Face Brush. I'd been wanting to buy it for a while but somehow never did. Then my sister ordered one from Amazon along with some books for our holiday and that's where the story begins.

Bedroom Details- The Nightstand

Love affair with Benefit blushes

I have a confession to make: I think Benefit is hideously overpriced. There, I said it. That said, they do come out with some amazing gift sets for Christmas which tend to be really good value. When I first saw the Cheeky Sweet Spot set it was love at first sight. I've been wanting to expand my blush collection for a while and I already own one Benefit blush (Dallas- love it!), so getting five blushes, the famous Hoola bronzer and a little Watts Up highlighter for £29.50 seemed too good to be true. The regular boxed blushes are £23.50 so this is just an amazing deal. I know they're not full size but let's face it, I'm never gonna use any of these up- and if I do then I can always get the full size!

My Pinterest Home Decor Obsession

I know I've been going on and on about this but I'm moving out of my student house this summer and I will be moving into my first own apartment. That's right, a place just for me that doesn't involve a shared bathroom and where I can have thinks like a sofa and a kitchen table- the prospect excites me to no end!

Plans for my week off

I finished exams a few days ago but the assessment period is still going on for a while so I currently doing have lectures- yipee! Due to deadlines and revision I didn't have much of a Christmas break (I only went home for three days!), so I'm using this week to relax, but also to get some stuff done before I start term, so here are my plans!

Candles vs. Wax Melts- a Fragrance faceoff!

I have not met a single beauty blogger who isn't obsessed with scented candles. We love them, we spend extortionate amounts of money on them and we have a habit of smelling them in YouTube videos while badly attempting to describe the scent.

What's next?

While everyone is celebrating the start of 2015, all I can think of is that 2015 is the year I will finish my degree. A pleasant thought, as I can't wait to never have to think about Psychology again and move on with my life, but also a terrifying one because now I need to decide what comes next.
I guess I always thought that by the time I finished university I'd have it all figured out and I'd know what to do and how I would get there, but it turns out I have absolutely no idea! I know I want to work in marketing but I'm struggling to find the right way to get there.
Right now I have a few options including doing a graduate scheme (if I get in), going to a not-so-great university in Canada to do an MBA (if I get in) or taking a year out to live in France and then apply to a good business school. All of these options would probably get me where I want to go eventually but I currently have no idea which one is right for me.
Turns out being a grown-up isn't just about fun and independence but you also have to make really difficult decisions- who knew?

Scrapbooking supplies haul

When I went home for Christmas I found a bag of things that I collected while I was travelling, so I decided that I would finally put them all in a scrapbook this January after exams. I love having physical memories of things but I just never take the time to make photo albums, so when Lily Pebbles mentioned her Project Life scrapbook I was instantly in love with the concept and decided to make one for my entire time at uni!

Dramatic evening eye makeup

Okay can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing that eyeshadow looks? I am absolutely in love! I do love heavy eye makeup but truth be told, I haven't really been wearing makeup recently because I just couldn't be bothered. I'm totally happy to go out without makeup on so why bother? However for New Year's I obviously had to do something fun!

New Year's Resolutions

This year I am not going for the whole 'new year, new me' thing but more for 'new year, more organised me who doesn't care quite as much about men and more about herself'. I've already written a post about my tips for sticking to your new year's resolutions here, so I'm sure you have been eagerly awaiting a list of my own. Well here they are:

1. Be more organised and tidy
I touched on this one already in my previous post about New Year's resolutions. I think I've had this resolution for about three years now but this time I mean it! I've tidied my room, I have purchased a regular diary as well as an "Action Day" diary for to do lists (there will be a post about that at some point I'm sure) and I am determined to organise and declutter my life! I'm already starting to get stressed out by messiness, which is a good start, and I have the support of my best friend Lauren who is basically Monica Geller reincarnated, so what can go wrong really?

2. Save some money
I am one of those people who is horrible with money and tends to spend the last week of the month eating rice because she's already spent all her money. In 2015 I'm doing the money saving challenge, which involves saving a certain amount of money a week, so £1 in week 1, £2 in week 2 and so on, and I've also made a resolution to eat out less. This doesn't necessarily include meals with friends but more things like getting a bagel from the union shop twice a week when I could have just as easily brought my own dinner. Those expenditures seem small at the time but they add up!

3. Put myself first
This may sound like an awfully selfish resolution, and it kind of is, but in the past few weeks/months I've realised that I need to sometimes care about myself more, especially when it comes to relationships. 2014 has been the year of failed relationship attempts for me so now I'm going to concentrate on myself and being the person I want to be, because let's face it I don't even have time for a boyfriend right now! 

What are your New Year's resolutions?