Bedroom Details- The Nightstand

One of my new year's resolutions (read them here) is to be tidier and I've been getting more into decorating, so I thought it would be nice to share some snippets of the parts of my room that I like the most! I'm still working on decluttering quite a few bits (decluttering series coming your way soon!) but there's a few bits and bobs I really like, so I will be sharing them with you.
The first thing I wanted to show you guys is my nightstand. I don't have a traditional nightstand but rather two coffee tables between my bed and the wall, which create a long nightstand and also provide storage room underneath- it's not the prettiest but it's very practical for a student room, especially one with no under bed storage.
I've got a few bits and bobs arranged on there at the moment, starting with some flowers that I got when I came back from Christmas- they were only £2.50 and have lasted really well (although you can see they're starting to die) and I just love the look of them! If anyone knows what they're called, please do let me know. I don't have many vases so I just put them in an empty Jack Daniel's bottle which I think looks really cool, especially for a whiskey lover like me.
In case you didn't know, I'm a huge Star Wars fan so of course I have one of the Lego Star Wars alarm clocks. I chose the Darth Vader one because it fits into my colour scheme and I think it doesn't look quite as childish as the others, it's just a really cool piece.
The skull bottle was a recent Homesense find, it actually contained margharita mix so after we drank that I just filled it with whiskey (the whiskey from the Jack Daniel's bottle vase to be precise). I always have some 'emergency whiskey' around and I think this looks really cool.
Now this wouldn't be a blogger's nightstand without a scented candle of course. I got this Parks candle a few days ago after I finished exams because I wanted to treat myself. It was from Homesense and I got it for £9.99 instead of £30! The scent is Pacific Spa and that is literally what it smells like, it really reminds me of the resort I stayed in on the Seychelles when I was younger. The  scent it quite weak but it's still nice when you catch a whiff of it every once in a while and it's very fresh.

So that's what's on my nightstand, I hope you enjoyed the first post of this little series!

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