My DIY Crochet Rug

There is one thing I wasn't prepared for when I started looking at furnishing a flat and that is the price of sofas and rugs. Like seriously, sofas I can kind of understand (although they are extortionate I suppose you do spend quite a lot of time on them and they're investment pieces) but the prices of rugs just blew me away so I thought I'd get my DIY on!
I saw this DIY rope rug on A Beautiful Mess (one of my favourite blogs ever) ages ago and totally fell in love with it, but unfortunately I don't own a sewing machine so I couldn't really make it. Then I came across this rug on Pinterest and I thought why not mix the design of the two together and make my own rug! I've been crocheting since I was young (I've always been incredibly cool) so this was really easy for me and I just worked on it while watching TV, but even if you've never done crochet before it's really simple and you'll pick it up in no time. I think in total this cost me about £20, which is pretty good! The concept is basically that you crochet around fabric to make tubes that are connected and form a circular rug. I had a big piece of cheap beige fabric left over from a fancy dress project so I just cut it into approximately 2" wide strips and got to work.
I used four different kinds of wool: a silvery grey from Poundland, a 'popcorn' wool from Tiger (it was really difficult to work with but totally worth it), a silvery black and a grey with sequins, also from Tiger. It's a very time consuming project but I think it was really worth it in the end. I love how the rug is monochrome but still has different textures, which makes it really interesting. The great thing about this is that you can change the colours to suit you and just go crazy- I just happen to really like grey and black...

I think the next rug project I will be attempting is this Woven Rag Rug from A Beautiful Mess!

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