My Pinterest Home Decor Obsession

I know I've been going on and on about this but I'm moving out of my student house this summer and I will be moving into my first own apartment. That's right, a place just for me that doesn't involve a shared bathroom and where I can have thinks like a sofa and a kitchen table- the prospect excites me to no end!
Since I have a slight Pinterest obsession, I've been creating a massive inspiration board- I'm well on my way to 200 pins now I think. It's funny because you can see how I evolved from studenty studio flats to scandinavian monochrome living rooms in the space of about a hundred pins but I think you can kind of get the gist of what I like- modern with an industrial twist and lots and lots of photos. I've also been pinning quite a few cool cheap DIY things since obviously despite not living in a student house I will still be on a student budget *cries a little*. But it's okay because I just found out that there's a Homesense in Nanaimo! (A fact which I very excitedly told all my friends about despite the fact that it's midnight). But I digress- if you're into home decor, and let's face it who isn't, then make sure you follow my 'My first apartment' board and leave me the links to your favourite home decor boards (or your own home decor boards) in the comments!

Due to my newfound home decor obsession you will also be seeing a lot more home related posts on the blog soon, so much that I even made it it's own tab... This is getting serious. I'm making a crochet rug- I'm a DIY homeware machine!

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