Plans for my week off

I finished exams a few days ago but the assessment period is still going on for a while so I currently doing have lectures- yipee! Due to deadlines and revision I didn't have much of a Christmas break (I only went home for three days!), so I'm using this week to relax, but also to get some stuff done before I start term, so here are my plans!

1. Put together my scrapbook/photoalbum for my gap year travels

2. Finish my uni scrapbook

3. Have a massive clothes/makeup/nail polish/toilettries clearout

4. Declutter like my life depends on it

5. Put old books and clothes on ebay/depop (make sure you follow my depop, my username is @livinglifeindocs)

6. Finish my crochet rug- yes, that's a thing

Hopefully I'll be able to get these things done and start the new term more organised and with less clutter!

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