Scrapbooking supplies haul

When I went home for Christmas I found a bag of things that I collected while I was travelling, so I decided that I would finally put them all in a scrapbook this January after exams. I love having physical memories of things but I just never take the time to make photo albums, so when Lily Pebbles mentioned her Project Life scrapbook I was instantly in love with the concept and decided to make one for my entire time at uni!

I decided to go for American Crafts rather than Project Life, simply because it's a little cheaper and they had more layouts that I liked. I bought three different sets of pockets to start with, but I already used up one variety so had to order more! I also got some music themed cards off ebay, which I think are so cute.
For stickers, I went to Tiger and bought some glittery letters for £1 each and then these adorable heart seals for only £2!
I've already done loads in this book and ordered some more stuff (including an actual album to put it all in), so you're going to be hearing a lot more about my scrapbooking adventures!
By the way, I got all the pockets and some seethrough overlays etc. from, which is an amazing website that sells everything scrapbook and craft related! Not sponsored or anything, I just really love that website because they're really cheap, have a massive selection and the delivery is super fast.

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