The Tale of the Expert Face Brush

It's no secret that I love Real Techniques brushes and own most of the sets, but one of the brushes that had been missing from my collection was the Expert Face Brush. I'd been wanting to buy it for a while but somehow never did. Then my sister ordered one from Amazon along with some books for our holiday and that's where the story begins.
My sister was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Amazon parcel, so my mum was constantly checking the tracking. One day while we were out, it said that the parcel had been delivered, but when we came home it turned out that no one had been home and the parcel wasn't there. No note. None of the neighbours had it. It was a mystery.
We concluded that the postman was probably in a rush and just left the parcel on the pavement in front of the gate- completely unacceptable yet apparently more common than you would think. Complaints were made, and a few days later Amazon sent us a new parcel, which arrived the next day. My sister had her books and her Expert Face Brush and all was good.
Over a week after the first parcel arrived, my dad walked into the house holding a completely soaked cardboard box. It turned out that the postman had literally thrown the parcel into the garden, nowhere near the gate, and it had been lying in the bushes for over a week while it had been raining every day. Obviously everything was soaked and the books were mouldy but I decided to salvage the brush. It was disgusting and wet despite still being in its plastic packaging but I wanted it so much that I ignored that and just gave it a very thorough wash.
Now what can I say, I'm in love. I use this brush for foundation, liquid bronzer, cream blush,... the list goes on. Our love story was a difficult one with many twists and turns but it most certainly had a happy ending.

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