Tips for scrapbooking beginners

Hi, my name is Allie and I'm a scrapbookaholic. 
I've finally gotten around to putting everything from my gap year travels in a book now and then Lily Pebbles came along and talked about her Project Life book and it just put me over the edge. However, I've found that there's so little information out there for people who just want to put together a few memories and not go crazy and document every minute of their life in a super creative manner. So I thought I'd put together some tips for people who want to start scrapbooking but don't really know where to start!

Choose your scrapbook style
There are lots of different ways to scrapbook. For example, I used a regular book with blank pages for my travel album, which allows you to get really creative with backgrounds. You could also get scrapbook paper (normally 12x12inches) and put your photos on there, put them in plastic pockets and then in a binder. If you're not feeling so creative, you could go for something like Project Life, which has different designs of plastic pockets that you just your photos into- Lily Pebbles did a great video on it here. There's also something called Smashbook, which I personally think is great especially for travelling because the idea behind it is that you just stick things in and make notes as stuff happens (I will definitely be getting one when I next go travelling!).

Don't go overboard with the supplies
It is so easy to spend a fortune on scrapbooking supplies. There are millions of papers, stickers and all sorts of crazy things out there. Especially if you're doing Project Life it can easily get very expensive because of all the pockets and core kits and whatnot. My advice is to keep it simple, get some patterned and coloured paper, some washi tape and then go from there. I have written a scrapbooking starter kit post which will be up soon so watch this space!

Step away from Pinterest!
Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest for finding inspiration, but I find that the scrapbooking on there can easily get extremely overwhelming. Some people are really good and really dedicated to this, and they're the one's who's photos you'll find on Pinterest, which can easily discourage you.

Accept that not all pages are created equal
There will always be pages that you love more than others- that's okay, they're not your children so you're allowed to have favourites. You simply cannot come up with 50 incredible unique layouts (or if you can then I'd like to congratulate you and you need some sort of award). Some pages will just work out perfectly while others will be a little boring but you just need to accept that and move on. Even 'professional' scrapbookers won't have a book full of Pinterest-worthy pages. 

Do you love scrapbooking as much as I do? Make sure to share your tips in the comments!

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