What I Wore- Long Haul Flight

I found this post in my drafts, it's definitely from August but I thought why not share it anyway! You may remember that I went to Canada in the summer, which meant I got to spend 10 hours on a plane... fun!

I think comfort is definitely the most important thing on a long haul flight, so I like to wear leggings and a light jumper. In this case both my jumper and my leggings were from H&M. I also like to wear a sports bra because let's face it, when you're trying to sleep you don't want poking wires, it's just not fun. I always wear my heaviest shoes on the plane because it means more room in the suitcase, and in this case they were my Timberlands (I did a lot of hiking on this holiday). My bag is the usual Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel inspired bag from ebay that I always wear and my poor battered suitcase has since been replaced with a shiny new one (thanks mum and dad!).

Bonus points to anyone who can guess what the weird craft project on the right that I made when I was like 8 is meant to be...

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