20 Facts about me

1. My real name is Aline Marie but I changed it because too many people we're making a-line jokes

2. I chose the name Allie after watching Burlesque

3. I study Psychology but never had any intention of becoming a psychiatrist

4. I skipped year 11, not because I was so smart but because I moved to England and my school thought I looked old enough to be in Sixth Form, so they put me there

5. I'm the president of my university's Pole Fitness Society (as if you didn't know about that already... I only go on about it every single day)

6. I am slightly obsessed with Grace Kelly and wear black every year on the anniversary of her death

7. I still haven't read Lord of the Rings but my sister got me the book for Christmas so I will change that soon (sorry Zarah)

8. I'm a Ravenclaw

9. Relatedly, I read the first Harry Potter book secretly at night under a duvet because my mum thought I was too young to read it

10. I am slightly obsessed with Frozen and I actually did a pole routine to Let It Go and went to a sing-along with lots of three year olds (and I have no regrets)

11. My favourite flowers are red roses because I'm cliché like that

12. The first YouTuber I watched was AllThatGlitters21 (or Elle Fowler)

13. I am hoping to move to Canada to study at Vancouver Island University next year

14. I own seven leather jackets...

15. ... and eight pairs of black boots.

16. I own a plush ewok

17. My best friend and I can pretty much have a conversation completely made up of Friends quotes

18. I have an unhealthy obsession with mint chocolate and popping candy

19. Oh and rosé. I love rosé.

20. My favourite RomCom is 'A lot like love' and I personally think someone should make a film (or a tv series) about my life because I have some fantastic material.

Well done if you made it this far, you now know twenty more irrelevant facts about me than you did five minutes ago! I hope you found this somehow interesting, I can tell you it's pretty hard to come up with twenty facts about yourself...

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