Apartment Dreaming- The Entryway

Welcome back to apartment dreaming, where I share my dreams about how my first own apartment will look like, supported by carefully selected Pinterest pictures! Today we will talk about the entryway, which I have to admit excites me to no end! Living in a student house there is no such thing as an entryway- we have a door which used to have some hooks on the wall next to it until they came down and took a large chunk of the wall with them... that's student housing for you! I love the idea of having that little bit of space that's the first thing you see when you walk in, which really sets the tone for the rest of the apartment, so here's how I'm thinking of styling it.

I definitely want some sort of table that I can put a dish on to cold my keys and sunglasses and maybe some flowers or decoration. I absolutely love this one I found on the Homesense pinterest account because it's mirrored and very narrow, which makes it perfect for an entryway where there may not be too much space!

I love everything that's going on in this picture but the main feature I want to recreate is the clocks for different timezones. I want to get three clocks, one for British Columbia time, one for London time and one for Frankfurt time, which will actually be really useful when I want to talk to family and friends! I love the way this is done here but I may get my DIY on and get cheap clocks from Ikea and paint BC, LDN and FRA on them, which I think could look really cool.

It's no secret that I hate bare walls so obviously I need some art in my entryway! I'd love to have a table with three paintings above it and then the three clocks above the three paintings- that's how it's working out in my head right now. I was just browsing etsy for ideas and found the perfect thing! These watercolour prints are great because they're basically colourful silhouettes and these are the three I want to get: Han Solo, because I love Star Wars, Grace Kelly, because she's my idol, and the Disney castle, because I'm a child at heart and I love Disneyland! I think they'd be a really interesting piece to see when you walk in.

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