Fernweh is one of those fancy German words that don't really have a a direct translation in English- it means 'longing for far off places' or quite literally 'farsickness' as opposed to 'homesickness'. I guess it is sort of like wanderlust, but that's also a word you English people stole from German, you sneaky bastards you.
While I really do love England, I've been experiencing some serious 'Fernweh' recently. Maybe it's the drowsy weather or the mould in my room that my letting agency is just refusing to deal with, but I'm getting a little sick of this country at the moment. I will hopefully be moving to Canada this summer to start my MBA at Vancouver Island University (fingers crossed!) and I feel like a change of pace and more importantly a change of country could be exactly what I need right now.
I still love England and I'm pretty sure that I will return here at some point because I can only import proper tea for so long... but for now, I'm longing for far off places across the pond.

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