Put A Ring On It- A Wishlist

Don't worry guys, I'm not getting married to my secret boyfriend... just looking for a new ring. It's my 21st birthday in April so I'm starting to come up with a wish list (my family is big on those), and one of the things I really want is a ring. I'm really used to wearing a ring on my right hand, to the point where I feel strange when I leave the house without it, but the one I'm wearing was given to me by my ex boyfriend for Valentine's Day two years ago so I think it may be time to move on... What better way to replace it than with something I got for my 21st birthday? Mum, I know you're reading this, so take note...
Of course the first place I looked was Tiffany's, so here's the rings I found:

I don't normally like things that have brand names plastered on them but for some reason I'm really drawn to these engraved Tiffany rings and I love this simple silver band.

This is a slightly bigger (and much more expensive) version of the first ring. I love them both but I'm used to wearing quite a large ring so I thought this one may be better for me.

I absolutely love the simple yet intricate design of this ring and can we just appreciate the fact that it was designed by Paloma Picasso? I think that's pretty awesome!

I love everything about this ring. I think the whole 'Return to Tiffany' thing is absolutely adorable and I love signet rings anyway. The fact that it's heart shaped is just the icing on the cake- this to me is just such a romantic ring!

While I love swooning over Tiffany rings, I am also a realist and let's face it, Tiffany's is expensive and I probably won't get a ring from there, so here's my alternative list of other great rings I found.

When I first started looking at rings I was sending Jordan lots of links and when I showed her this one she said 'That is so you!'. It's quite big for an every day ring but I love the silver with the black heart because it's romantic and edgy at the same time.

This is a really pretty simple ring that would be perfect to wear every day. I love slightly darker, blackened silver so this is perfect and it still has a bit of sparkle with the stones.

This is probably my least favourite of the bunch- I love the infinity design but I'm not a big fan of the stones, because the ring that I currently wear, which is by Swarovski, had a lot of stones and lost almost all of them in the two years that I've worn it. They look very pretty but I want this ring to be something that I keep for a long time so I'm not sure if this would be the way to go.

Which of these rings would you choose?

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