Sexy Pole for Valentine's Day

You all know that I love pole fitness and it has basically taken over my life- I train at my university to we have to be very much fitness focused, as they don't like us to be sexy at all. However, the pole studio I occasionally go to in town has a 'sexy pole' class every year around Valentine's Day and this year I finally got to go!
It's basically a regular pole class but you get to wear heels (yay!) and they teach you some body rolls, etc. It was all pretty basic and we had advanced students as well as complete beginners in my class but I still found it challenging and definitely very fun because it was so different from what I normally do! We also learned a little choreography, which we don't normally do in classes and I really enjoyed that.
I don't have a boyfriend or anyone to do this choreography for but it was such a fun thing to do with my friends and I felt really great after! It's crazy what some heels and a good bodywave can do for your self esteem...

Please excuse the picture quality, they're screenshots from a video filmed on my phone... But to make up for it I made you guys a little gif!

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