The Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel and me- a love story

I am a firm believer in buying highstreet clothes and make-up because more often than not with high end brands, you're just paying for the name. However I think that bags are something where you really do get what you pay for- although obviously some are extortionate and frankly not worth the money, you just have to use common sense on that one.
I have never owned a designer bag because I'm 20 years old and I can't afford these things and no one in my family thought it was necessary for me to have a stupidly expensive bag at this age. However, two years ago I fell in love with the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel.
Our love story was a difficult one. I first saw it on Claire Marshall, who is my style idol, and immediately fell in love with it because it's slouchy and casual but so so edgy with the hardware. After looking at the price tag I decided that this would not be something I would own for a very, very long time. So I went on ebay and got myself a knockoff for £25 (I wrote a post about it here)! It lasted for about a year, which wasn't so bad, so when it finally died, I just bought another one.
Now my second ebay knockoff is on its last legs and I've been thinking about investing in a better quality bag. I was going to go to Bicester Village and get a Michael Kors but somehow I couldn't quite get excited about it because it just wasn't the bag I really wanted. Somehow I ended up on ebay again and there it was- a used black Rocco Duffel with brass hardware for £155. I couldn't believe my eyes.
I started messaging all my friends asking if I should buy it, although I wasn't really looking for advice but rather encouragement. I did the math and found that I could just about afford to buy it if I didn't go out this month and didn't do any other shopping. I was also about to sell some books and clothes so I was hoping to make money from that. After thinking it over for a few hours, I came home and clicked that 'Buy now' button. 
The following week was torture. Knowing I had purchased such a beautiful bag, having the money taken out of my bank account but not being able to hold it in my arms. I was counting down the days to the expected delivery date. When it was finally dispatched I was tracking it all the time, until it finally arrived.
I opened the parcel and there it was in its little dustbag. It was smaller than I thought, and slightly slouchier, but I loved it all the same. I don't care that it's stupidly heavy or that I can't fit my laptop in it- I am in love with my bag.

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