When Life Happens...

The great thing about blogs is that they're written by real people you can relate to. However, with real people come real lives, and sometimes those lives just get in the way. I love blogging, it's been a bit up and down for me but recently I've really found my 'style' if you will, and I've been producing a lot more content that I genuinely love. But right now there's a lot going on in my life, there's a lot of decisions I have to make and to be honest I struggle to even get out of bed in the mornings because I'm pretty overwhelmed with everything.
I have a dissertation to write, while planning lots of events for my society as well as somehow deciding what the hell I'm going to do with my life next year. I had it all planned out but now I'm not so sure anymore and I just have to take some time to get my life in order. While I'm going to try to still post on here, it may not be as regular as usual so please bear with me while I figure things out. If you're still interested in hearing my ramblings about life, follow me on my twitter (@livinglifeindoc), because nothing will ever tear me away from tweeting about random things in life.

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