Living alone- expectations and fears

If you follow me on twitter, you will have probably seen my excited tweets about the fact that I recently signed for my own proper grown-up flat! It's pretty exciting and I was really lucky to find a lovely place in an amazing location and I can't wait to move in! For the past three years I have shared a house/flat with friends/randomers and before that I lived with my family and went to boarding school, so I have never lived by myself before. While I am super excited, I thought I'd share some of my fears with you too, because let's face it it's a bit scary living for yourself for the first time!

Being lonely
I think this is the biggest thing everyone worries about- you're so used to being around people that you will get lonely when you live alone. It's probably the one that I am the least worried about because I still plan on spending a lot of time with my friends when I'm on campus etc., and my housemates and I don't actually currently spend that much time together (a lot of the time we actually text each other while we're sitting in our rooms, which is just a bit sad). I think I will still see my friends all the time and hopefully they will come over when I have a nice flat (with a TV), which was one of the things I actually considered location wise when house hunting. Of course there are probably going to be times when I wish there was someone around but that's always going to happen and I think the negatives are definitely outweighed by the positives in this regard.

The cost of living alone
I'm not going to lie to you, living alone is expensive. My rent is extortionate (although it's pretty good considering how nice the flat is) and my flat is actually in a listed building from 1820, which means floor to ceiling single glazed windows. It's going to be expensive. Will it be worth it? I'll keep you updated on that one.

Spiders, burglars and other scary things
I don't get easily scared but sometimes when you're alone at home you hear a funny noise and you are just convinced that there's a murderer in the house. Obviously when you live alone, you are constantly alone at home, which makes this even worse. Looks like I'm going to have to man up and also start getting rid of spiders myself instead of screaming and calling my housemates.

Independence and having a place of your own
On a more positive note, I think being able to live by yourself is amazing and I am really looking forward to it. You can do whatever you want, cook naked if you feel like it (who said that?) and you're just generally more independent. Obviously living in a student house with your friends already gives you a lot of freedom but I think there's just that added extra of living by yourself.

Decorating like I want
I am seriously obsessed with decorating. Having lived in furnished student accommodation for the past three years I've been very limited and got stuck with yellow moudly walls and mismatched horrible furniture a lot. Now I suddenly get to furnish and decorate an entire apartment and I can tell you, it's very exciting. My bank account is certainly not a fan though.

If any of you live alone and have any tips, that would be greatly appreciated! Also please leave a comment with your favourite homeware store because I'm obsessed.

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