New leather

It's no secret that I love leather jackets. I have quite a large collection (they're all different, I swear!) but I tend to have one that I wear every day. Up until two weeks ago that was my studded leather jacket, but the lining ripped completely after wearing it almost daily for about three years and I felt like it was time for a change.
I wanted something a little more grown up (i.e. without studs) but still maintain that biker vibe. I ended up going for this Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket (£60), because it's simple but has the quilting details that I really love. I had to buy it in a size large because Zara does really tight sleeves and my arms are simply too big for the medium, even though it fits better around my body. I also like to wear hoodies underneath my leather jacket so I wanted enough room for that. I am really happy with this jacket and I've been wearing it all the time! £60 seems quite expensive for a faux leather jacket but I'll be wearing it a lot and Zara normally does very good jackets so it will hopefully last a long time.

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