Black Bohemian

I recently rediscovered this top, which I bought for Halloween last year, and I am absolutely in love with it! I'm really into the bohemian look during the summer and this seems very bohemian while still incorporating my favourite non-colour. I think the cut is extremely flattering but I wore a black tanktop underneath it becuase it is a crop top and I didn't want my stomach out quite yet. I also tied a red and black flannel around my waist to 1. hide my stomach and 2. have something to wear in case I got cold.

A little drugstore complexion haul

I have been quite well behaved when it comes to makeup shopping recently, as I've been mainly buying homeware. Unfortunately, the other day I ran out of both foundation and concealer (it was a very stressful morning), so a trip to Boots was in order.

That time I got a desk...

I am slightly ashamed to admit that for the past three years (so my entire time at university), I have not had a desk. My rooms have all had desks in them but I used them as a place to store my makeup because you know, priorities. Since I've been at university my bed has been the centre of my life and I do everything there, from writing essays to eating. This is definitely one of the reasons why my room is always such a mess, especially around my bed, so when I got my new flat I decided it was time to change and finally get a desk.

Jojo's Gelato Brighton (Hove, actually)

A few days ago some of my friends finished their exams so we decided to celebrate by getting ice cream... like adults do. Rachel had the idea to go to Jojo's Gelato, as none of us had ever been before and it most certainly did not disappoint! The store itself is very spacious but cute with 50s inspired decor and big booths you can sit in. You can actually go taste the ice cream flavours before you order, which I thought was a great idea. There are the usual flavours as well as some crazier ones like apple pie and Coca Cola... The waiter kindly informed us about the flavours that weren't very good (like Parmesan... who even came up with that??), which I thought was nice because it kept us from making bad decisions.

A Free Benefit Gimme Brow?!!

Benefit Gimme Brow

It's no secret that the only person who gets to touch my brows is Meg from the Benefit Brow Bar in Brighton (you can read more about that here). I go there every three weeks to get my brows waxed and last time I was pleasantly surprised when she handed me a full size Gimme Brow after my wax!

Help a girl out (and win some free clothes)

Today's post is different but very important to me. One of my best friends, Jordan aka Hello Miss Jordan, is taking part in the Boohoo Style for Stroke campaign, which is a campaign to raise awareness for strokes, especially in younger people. For the campaign, Boohoo asked lots of bloggers to design tshirts with the theme 'famous last words' and the tshirt that receives the most votes will get sold on Boohoo for £10, £5 of which will go to a charity helping stroke victims.

Credit cards, jammed locks and lack of electricity- The Moving Diaries

Welcome to another installment of the moving diaries, where I tell you about the fun journey of moving into my own apartment. I have to say, if I believed in 'signs' from the universe, I would not have moved into this apartment because all the signs were against it!

Earth Tones

Guess who's back... back again (I'm sorry but it had to be done). I am officially out of dissertation hibernation and ready to throw myself back into blogging! Having said that I have lost misplaced my camera charger so the photo situation is looking a bit dire at the moment. Thankfully I found some outfit photos that my lovely sister took when I was home over Easter!

The Moving Diaries- Almost there!

Since moving into my own flat is a massive thing for me and will be taking up a lot of my time over the next month or two (so much decorating!), I thought it would be nice to have a little series about it on the blog. This way I can update you about what's happening and also kind of organise my thoughts by writing them down!
Since there are less than two weeks between me signing for my flat and the actual move-in date (which is on Wednesday... eep!), a lot of stuff had to be done in a very short period of time! I've had to buy content insurance, organise getting internet (who knew line rental was so expensive? Who knew line rental was even a thing? Not me!), transferring bills accounts etc etc. Now I have to admit that I am ridiculously useless at this stuff and I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully my housemate Emma is an absolute babe and has been helping me along the way, sending me what can only be described as essays about line rental and TV licenses when I freak out about it at night and discussing different gas tariffs with me at 1am.
You may ask yourself why on earth I'm doing these things at 1am. Well I'm about a week away from my dissertation deadline at the moment, so I spend my days at the library working on that and then do flat things when I get home. It has been working out for me pretty well and I find that I'm actually being really productive this way and getting everything done!
This week I decided to take a morning off and go to the library late because I was going a bit mad in there, and instead went homeware shopping. I intended to just go and buy a kettle, but obviously I ended up in Homesense again and bought lots of (extremely necessary) things for the house, like a fruit bowl and nice towels. Oh and candles of course. I also got my H&M Home order, which was a very exciting moment, which included essential bits like a rug and not-so-essential bits like a tray and a vase that I had wanted for ages. I'm going to film a homeware haul showing you all the bits and bobs I got but I'll probably do that on Wednesday when I'm at the flat with it all.
I also need to start ordering furniture, which I'm extremely excited about but IKEA deleted my entire basket, which I spent weeks putting together, and now I feel like I'm missing things... comment below with something you think I may have forgotten!

That's it from me right now, let me know if you like these kinds of posts!