Earth Tones

Guess who's back... back again (I'm sorry but it had to be done). I am officially out of dissertation hibernation and ready to throw myself back into blogging! Having said that I have lost misplaced my camera charger so the photo situation is looking a bit dire at the moment. Thankfully I found some outfit photos that my lovely sister took when I was home over Easter!
I recently bought this short sleeved tshirt from H&M and I love everything about it, from the colour to the cut. It has a very flattering V-neck and is slightly longer at the back, which I think really suits my figure. It's loose without making me look massive and is very good at hiding a food baby! I decided to wear it with my khaki jeans (also from H&M but old), because I think earth tones really flatter my colouring and the combination looked really nice and fresh, a change from my usual black and grey uniform! Obviously I had to add black boots though, because I can't change THAT much!

As you can tell I was super excited to be home and on the swing in our garden! Who said taking outfit photos can't be fun? 

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