Help a girl out (and win some free clothes)

Today's post is different but very important to me. One of my best friends, Jordan aka Hello Miss Jordan, is taking part in the Boohoo Style for Stroke campaign, which is a campaign to raise awareness for strokes, especially in younger people. For the campaign, Boohoo asked lots of bloggers to design tshirts with the theme 'famous last words' and the tshirt that receives the most votes will get sold on Boohoo for £10, £5 of which will go to a charity helping stroke victims.

Jordan's design definitely speaks to her love for Disney, because as anyone who has met her will know, she is a real life Disney princess. "Go live your dream" is a simple yet powerful message and I think it encourages people to live in the moment and really fits in with the campaign. I've known Jordan since before she was a blogger and I'm so incredibly proud of her and how far she's come. I would be really grateful if you guys could vote for her design, because I geniunely think it's the best and also because I think she deserves to win this competition (and also a little bit because I really want to buy a tshirt with her design on it).
Now for the technical stuff- you can vote every 24 hours and by voting you are automatically entered to win a £75 Boohoo voucher and a tshirt with the winning design on it. Who doesn't want free clothes?

You can vote for Jordan's design here.

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