Jojo's Gelato Brighton (Hove, actually)

A few days ago some of my friends finished their exams so we decided to celebrate by getting ice cream... like adults do. Rachel had the idea to go to Jojo's Gelato, as none of us had ever been before and it most certainly did not disappoint! The store itself is very spacious but cute with 50s inspired decor and big booths you can sit in. You can actually go taste the ice cream flavours before you order, which I thought was a great idea. There are the usual flavours as well as some crazier ones like apple pie and Coca Cola... The waiter kindly informed us about the flavours that weren't very good (like Parmesan... who even came up with that??), which I thought was nice because it kept us from making bad decisions.
Most of us went all out and got a Sundae, which is what you can see in the pictures. Rachel got a Fruit Pavlova, which had meringue, mixed berry sorbet and vanilla ice cream and was absolutely gigantic! Most of us went for the Ferrero Rocher, which was vanilla, chocolate and Ferrero Rocher gelato and had actual Ferrero Rochers on top, along with some very generous servings of whipped cream.

The ice cream was absolutely delicious and we only paid £6.50 for the sundaes, which is amazing value for what you get. I will definitely be going to Jojo's Gelato again, maybe to try out their crepes and milkshakes next time...

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