That time I got a desk...

I am slightly ashamed to admit that for the past three years (so my entire time at university), I have not had a desk. My rooms have all had desks in them but I used them as a place to store my makeup because you know, priorities. Since I've been at university my bed has been the centre of my life and I do everything there, from writing essays to eating. This is definitely one of the reasons why my room is always such a mess, especially around my bed, so when I got my new flat I decided it was time to change and finally get a desk.
Desk styling appears to have become quite a big thing and people always post these amazing pictures of their adorable, organised desks with perfectly lined up colour coordinated washi tape collections and planners that look like an art project. I'm not the kind of person who can do that (I love my simple Moleskine notebook and it works perfectly fine for me without a million colourful stickers), but I tried to create a desk area that is aesthetically pleasing and works for me at the same time.
When I first saw the layout of my flat I knew that I wanted to use the little nook in the corner for a desk, because it's just perfect. Unfortunately the IKEA desk I originally wanted was a bit too big for the corner so I went on ebay and found this one, which fits perfectly (or so I thought). It turns out I'm not very good at adulting yet and measured without taking the skirting boards into account, so the desk just about didn't fit. I still put it in the corner thought and there's just a little gap now. It doesn't really bother me for now and I can always put some shelves up later for extra storage.

I knew I wanted a glass desk because there's a theme of glass and metal in my furniture to keep the place feeling open and airy. I don't have a chair yet but I have ordered a seethrough (surprise surprise) chair from IKEA, which I will probably put a cushion and a fake sheepskin on, in true blogger fashion.

The actual styling of the desk is still very much a work in progress and is awaiting help from my fellow blogger and desk styler extraordinaire Jaye. For now I decided to keep it quite functional with a black and silver pen holder and a matching hole punch. As a decorative element I added a small stack of books (blogger favourites, of course) with my Diana camera on top and my fake cacti. I also have a very classic desk lamp, which I think really completes the look.

The two most important and functional items on the desk are my acrylic tray thing (seriously, what is that thing called?) and my phone charger. I like having the charging station standing up because it looks more purposeful and it means I don't keep losing the cable. The acrylic tray is my 'inbox', which is something I've adopted from my mum. She has a similar tray where she puts everything, from letters, to vouchers, etc. That way all the clutter is contained in one place and everything is easily accessible and you can go through it once a week. I'm not one of those people who perfectly file away everything that comes through the door immediately so it's nice to have somewhere to put it so I can then go through it later.

What do you think of my desk setup so far? What is your favourite desk element?

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