The long lasting nude lip

Nowadays everyone appears to be obsessed with the perfect nude lip (often inspired by Kylie Jenner), and I am no exception! I never used to buy nude lipsticks because I didn't really see the point in wearing a lipstick that is the same colour as my lips- how wrong I was!

Keeping up with the Cleves

Yesterday my (not so little) sister graduated from school, so I went home to Germany to attend the ceremony. I'm so proud of her because it hasn't been an easy journey but she ended up getting an incredible result which will (hopefully) allow her to study History at one of the best universities in Germany next year. It was obviously an excuse to dress up so I thought I'd share our outfits with you!

Oh, Hello Stationery Haul

There comes a time in every planner addict's life when you decide that you need stickers. For me, that was sooner rather than later, so shortly after I got my filofax I made my first order. I decided to go for Oh Hello Stationery on etsy because they have really cute designs and I actually follow the owner's blog, Microscope Beauty, which made me want to buy from her even more! I also got 15% off with Elle Fowler's code 'iheartyoucoffee', which was just the icing on the cake really.

Painting Pottery Cafe Brighton

The other day I went to the Painting Pottery Cafe in Brighton to paint some pottery with my Psychology girls. It's a really great place where you pay £5 for paints, etc and then buy the thing you're painting (my mug was £16). They have lots of different plates, teapots, mugs, etc. to paint, so there's lots to choose from!

Lucky Beach Bar, Brighton

Brighton really is incredible in the summer, the seafront especially becomes incredibly lively and there's bars everywhere. On Thursday, I decided to meet up with some friends for a beach day and we went to Lucky Beach, which is a lovely little bar right on the seafront. 

The Weekly Favourite #2

This week, my favourite is a bag! I am usually a one bag kinda girl and I'm still absolutely in love with my Alexander Wang Rocco, but for this summer I wanted something more relaxed (and not as heavy). I've always loved fringe and it's a huge trend right now, so I dug this old fringe bag from Eddie Bauer out of my wardrobe.

Organising tips for unorganised people

I admit, I'm not an organised person. I'm quite the opposite actually, as anyone who has ever lived with me will be able to tell you. I love perfectly clean and organised spaces, I just really struggle to maintain them. Since moving into my new flat I've really been making an effort to be less messy and I've come up with some tips for unorganised people like me, hopefully they will help those of you who also struggle with the messy gene.

Quick lazy summer makeup

It's been a while since I've properly talked about makeup on the blog, probably because I haven't really been wearing it as much. As the weather gets warmer I tend to get lazy with my makeup because it just melts off and you know what, I don't need to wear makeup every time I leave the house.

Weekly Favourite #1

I'm starting a new series showcasing a weekly favourite every Sunday because I feel like things easily get lost with monthly favourites. This favourite can be anything from makeup to food or a TV show!

My Graduation Ball Outfit

On Monday night, me and my friends got all dressed up and headed down to The Grand Hoten for our graduation ball, which turned out to be more of a fancy and very expensive club night. Nevertheless, we managed to get some lovely shots on the seafront before we left, so I thought I'd share my outfit with you.

How I make affordable flower arrangements at home

Having fresh flowers in your home makes such a massive difference to the way a room feels, so I've been trying to have a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table at all times. Buying flowers, especially pre arranged bouquets, can get really expensive if you do it regularly, so I've started buying flowers from the supermarket and making my own arrangements, so I thought I'd share the process with you.

Why I got a Filofax

I'm trying to use this summer to really get myself organised and get into habits that will keep me organised once I start uni again. I've been using a Moleskine diary for two years now and I love the layout and size of it, but there were a few thing that were missing from it for me. I decided to get a new planner after watching tons of YouTube videos on planning (did you know there was a planning community? I did not!), and I chose to go with a Filofax personal for a few reasons.

Bohemian Style Asos Wishlist

I've recently fallen in love with clothes again, and my asos wishlist has been getting longer and longer. I'm really into bohemian style, especially during the summer, although I'm not a huge fan of the really forced ethnic prints, crochet tops and bindhis all over the place- I will leave those to the festival goers.
I love crochet, ruffles and fringe, so I put together a little wishlist of bohemian style items from asos.

Simple tricks for a healthier lifestyle

I always envy those people who can eat completely clean and seem to effortlessly eat their five (or ten) a day. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people so I need some little tricks to keep my eating habits in check. They've been working for me pretty well recently, so I thought I'd share!

My Candle Club Subscription Box Review

I love subscription boxes as a way to discover new products and get some great deals on samples, but I've recently cancelled my Birchbox subscription because I just had too many samples I was never going to use lying around and I thought I could put the £12.95 a month to better use!
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with candles so when I found out that there is a CANDLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX (!!!) I got extremely excited and ordered it straight away.

Favourite Travel Scrapbook Pages

A few months ago before the whole dissertation craziness began, I was really into scrapbooking. I have always been an extremely visual person and I love having photos everywhere. When I was travelling through Thailand and India, I collected literally everything, from receipts to sweets wrappers, to put into a scrapbook. Two years later, it was still all in the top pocket of my backpack because I just never got around to it! But then I finally got my act together, bought a beautiful leather bound scrapbook (that was made in India, funnily enough) and started scrapbooking, so I wanted to share some of my favourite pages with you today! It's still a work in progress but hopefully I will get the entire thing done this summer.