Bohemian Style Asos Wishlist

I've recently fallen in love with clothes again, and my asos wishlist has been getting longer and longer. I'm really into bohemian style, especially during the summer, although I'm not a huge fan of the really forced ethnic prints, crochet tops and bindhis all over the place- I will leave those to the festival goers.
I love crochet, ruffles and fringe, so I put together a little wishlist of bohemian style items from asos.

You didn't really think I'd give up black in the summer, did you? I love the laid back cut of this dress and the fact that it's black just makes it feel that little more 'me'.

A-line button skirts seem to be a big trend right now and I understand why, they're really pretty (and flattering) and go with so many things. I like this one because it's (faux) suede, which gives it a nice texture. A-line skirts are particularly good if you live by the sea, because they are much less likely to be blown up by the wind than a pretty floaty skirt.

I just love kimonos, I think they look amazing and are such an easy way to spice up an outfit. I like that this one is a knit, because it looks summery but it will still keep you a little warm on those British 'summer' days when it's a bit chilly.

This dress is life. There's a very clear suede and fringe trend going on in this post and this dress combines the two! I love the loose cut and the low back on it and I think it just looks so effortless but very different at the same time, especially because the colour is quite unusual for a suede dress.


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